Mobile Platform Meets Individual Needs of Health Consumers Via Personalized Self-Management and Wellness Tools

Tue, 12/07/2010 - 7:04am
BOSTON, /PRNewswire/ -- Healthrageous, Inc. today announced the launch of its new mobile app, h!GO. The mobile app extends Healthrageous' online support to help individuals shed unhealthy habits and embrace healthy lifestyles. h!GO also provides timely support to aid in the effective self-management of blood pressure and blood sugar. This mobile app is currently available to Healthrageous customers on devices such as the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.

The company's proven h!ME platform creates a personalized, interactive and motivational set of information and tools designed to support and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The company's health solutions combine biometric sensors, smart phones, individualized and automated coaching, incentive programs and social network support to help achieve positive outcomes.

"h!GO will make achieving and sustaining optimal health easier," said Doug McClure, Chief Technology Officer, Healthrageous, Inc. "Everyone has different health needs, wellness goals and preferences about how to live a healthier lifestyle. With h!GO, we are able to deliver the support each individual needs right on their smart phone."

The company's new mobile app includes easy-to-understand information and graphics of individual health data (collected from monitoring devices such as wireless blood pressure cuffs or accelerometers), automated coaching tips that are based on an individual's health information, kudos (awards) for personal goal attainment, and customized health questions that help to further personalize an individual's experience.

h!GO provides self-management tools for a range of health issues, including physical activity and weight management, hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.  h!GO delivers real-time health improvement goals, personalized guidance for meeting goals, expert coaching and inspirational support, and incremental assessments on health behaviors and preferences relative to achieving health improvement.

"h!GO is a manifestation of our innovative approach to providing health information and support in a timely and contextual way that makes it easier for people to achieve their health goals," added Rick Lee, President and CEO, Healthrageous. "We are already looking to the future and plan to incorporate new technologies such as cameras, geolocation and device integration capabilities into our mobile platform for an even more cohesive and continuous health experience."


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