Picochip and Argela recently announced that Argela has selected Picochip as the core technology supplier for its femtocell developments. Based in Istanbul and Silicon Valley, Argela will use Picochip’s femtocell technology in products for its customers around the world. The company is in the process of developing a line of femtocell products including innovative residential femtocells with unique home-zone applications as well as femtocell solutions for enterprise, metro and rural deployments.

Argela has been chosen by the mobile operator, Avea, for its femtocell deployment which is planned for a Q3 2011 launch in Turkey. This deployment will render Argela the first Iuh-based femtocell access point in the market. Avea offers services to 96% of Turkey's population through its next-generation network.

Argela’s line of femtocell technology products and solutions include residential, enterprise, and outdoor femtocells as well as femtozone applications and services which can be added via Argela’s APPs-on Femto Application Server. Its residential femtocell products include a standalone, UMTS, Iuh standard-compliant femtocell access point and a home gateway that integrates several wireless technologies: Femtocell, IPTV, Wi-Fi, DSL and ZigBee, all unified with converged middleware. Significantly, these both support a range of innovative home-zone applications, providing useful services for consumers and new revenue streams for carriers.

To further complete its line of femtocell solutions, Argela is also offering femtocell management support solutions providing operators an easy way to control femtocell traffic and track femtocell performance.

“We selected Picochip because of the quality and completeness of its product line,” commented Mr. Bulent Kaytaz, Argela’s CEO, “We appreciate Picochip’s experience with field-proven femtocell solutions, which is exactly what we needed to support the growth of our femtocell products and solutions into an entire femtocell product family. Picochip’s products also support us in extending our business in a strategic way, from innovative, residential femtos that create a connected home to high-performance, rural and metro femtos. We have had great support from Picochip and anticipate a mutually rewarding relationship.”

“2010 has seen the femtocell market move into the mainstream,” said Nigel Toon, President and CEO of Picochip. “Argela’s selection of Picochip is a strong validation of our leadership and we look forward to working together across the range of exciting products they are developing. Companies like Argela are showing how the femtocell concept can extend into new geographies and new product segments, it is thanks to that growth that we will sell more than one million femtocell chips this year.”