Powerful “Telecom API Suite” for Infrastructure Design and Analysis Now Available to the Public

Fri, 10/01/2010 - 6:22am
Wireless Applications Corporation announced that it has beta-released a suite of web service Application Programming Interface (API) for performing telecom infrastructure analysis called the Telecom API Suite. Carriers, Tower companies, Web App programmers and wireless service providers alike can immediately begin ramping up their software with power from the Wireless Applications’ cloud service.

“We’re offering our family jewels to the general public”, said Eric Wills, CEO/ President of Wireless Applications, Corp. “Now companies throughout our industry can integrate our powerful software for RF Propagation that models in seconds, or create calls for Microwave path profiling, Tower Searching and Spectrum Ownership! Within minutes you can directly use these features in your site and your mapping.”

Anyone can sign up for a free dev key and begin immediately seeing how easy it is to integrate these powerful functions into their site. Included in the site are samples of PHP, C#, Javascript and even Objective C for those popular phone apps. There is even an assortment of simple examples of map integration to get started. Use our built-in API explorer for trying out all the methods directly. Capture more web-surfers and ultimately more bottom line revenue for your company by providing more.

Tower Companies can add RF Propagation and Spectrum Ownership searches, and even Demographics. Service providers can integrate RF coverage analysis and path profiling into their help desk software (the API uses embedded DEM and SRTM 30 meter terrain data). Telecom project management software companies can integrate our PowerSearch Structure Searching and Spectrum analysis into their online software suites. Mobile software providers can write site acquisition applications. For a list of calls/methods visit and get started. Not familiar with APIs? Let us write your integration to get you up and running.


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