Company Launches Capture-ID™ Mobile Scanner at DEMO Fall 2010

Tue, 09/14/2010 - 7:57am
  SANTA CLARA, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- Rocky Mountain Ventures Company has chosen to launch its commercial product, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner, at DEMO Fall 2010, taking place in Santa Clara, CA.

The Capture-ID™ mobile scanner is wireless, accurate, and reliable for digital capture of documents and identity information away from the desk. This saves time, improves productivity, and reduces the risk and cost of handling paper.

The patented scan-into-binding technology allows scanning very close to the bound edge of a book. There is no other solution with that ability along with mobility, WiFi transfers, accuracy, quick, and the versatility of stitching into larger sizes.

Gordon Nuttall, CEO and Founder of Rocky Mountain Ventures Company, says, "We are using the Eye-Fi wireless memory card for wireless transfer with geotagged information. An example of this capability is the security officer checking identification at the rock concert. Rather than just a visual inspection of the driver's license, it can be uploaded instantly to 'the cloud' with the precise time/date and Wi-Fi positioning system based geo coordinates, allowing the security agency to have verifiable identification of attendees at that event that is accurate, archived, and searchable."

The company's flagship product, the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner, started development in September of 2009 and was formally introduced to the North American market as well as to more than 8,000 consumers who attended the Craft & Hobby Association trade show in July. CHA is an international trade association for the $27 billion craft and hobby industry. It won that event's Overall Best Innovation award. This is the second innovation award in less than a year for the Flip-Pal.

Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO, affirms, "Rocky Mountain Ventures Company is following our theme that some of the best innovations start in the consumer area; the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is paving the way for their new Capture-ID commercial product." The Capture-ID™ is the company's second mobile scanner and targets the commercial market. It will be marketed through industry websites, affiliates, value added resellers and independent resellers.


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