CETECOM Selects Anritsu Test Solutions for LTE Device Certification

Fri, 09/24/2010 - 6:51am
CETECOM has selected Anritsu as a supplier of LTE test solutions for device certification and conformance testing. Organizations involved in the development of LTE devices can have their products verified by CETECOM engineers, who will conduct conformance tests using the Anritsu test solutions to ensure the products comply with 3GPP and operator standards.

CETECOM laboratories are equipped with Anritsu’s LTE Conformance and Carrier Acceptance test solutions, including the ME7873L RF Conformance Test System, the ME7832L Protocol Conformance Test System, and the ME7833L (MD8430A with RTD) LTE Interoperability Test System for execution of operator test plans. The test solutions are being used as part of the certification testing for 3GPP mobile devices.

Anritsu’s highly flexible MD8430A is a core element of all LTE solutions acquired by CETECOM. Using tailored GUIs for each application, as well as additional equipment to fit specific test requirements, these systems provide a complete suite of features and functionality essential to protocol and RF testing, including certification to specific carrier acceptance test plans. The RTD software further allows CETECOM engineers to create independent test cases in a graphical environment, a feature not available with traditional language-based tools.

The ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System is an integrated TRX, performance, and RRM test solution that provides the most PTCRB-approved test cases in the industry. It supports testing in either a test call or no-call test mode. LTE bands currently supported include 1 to 14, and 17. Combined W-CDMA and LTE configurations are available, supporting W-CDMA testing from Rel. 99 to Rel. 7 as well as LTE with simultaneous testing of both technologies.

Anritsu’s LTE Protocol Conformance Test System, the ME7832L features GCF and PTCRB validated test cases, as well as a broad selection of bands aligning with new LTE networks in deployment.

Anritsu developed the ME7833L (MD8430A with RTD) LTE Interoperability Test System, to support the acceptance tests required by leading LTE carriers supporting tests for LTE-eHRPD InterRAT Handoffs, LTE-UTRAN/GERAN InterRAT Handoffs, LTE Data Throughput (including MIMO & Fading), Multi-mode network selection (LTE, cdma2000 1X, eHRPD, UTRAN, GERAN), SMS/IMS tests, Data Retry, and supplementary signaling tests.


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