“Wireless Wednesday” Takes Wings as a Twitter Phenomenon

Thu, 09/09/2010 - 7:31am
DALLAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Wednesday is a busy day in the work week for Kent Huffman, the Chief Marketing Officer at BearCom. That’s when he checks the Twitter account for Wireless Woman, BearCom’s virtual Chief Technology Officer, to review all the recommendations from his connections in the wireless technology space as to who should be following whom.

Huffman created the “Wireless Wednesday” initiative a year ago as a spinoff of the popular “Follow Friday” tool, whereby Twitter users can alert their followers every Friday about who else they might want to consider connecting with. “The difference is that we are expanding from a concept where Twitter users might follow other users because they identify with their perspectives to one in which they follow an emerging topic or area of expertise, specifically wireless technology,” said Huffman.

“Wireless Wednesday has proven to be a win-win situation,” added Huffman. “We learn more about the dynamics of the wireless industry and how our company and its partners, such as Motorola, can best satisfy the needs of the social media community. At the same time, our follower base is growing rapidly, giving us a powerful platform to share information about what is happening in the industry, and thereby enhancing the BearCom brand. Wireless Wednesday has also helped us develop closer relationships with several of our other key partners who are active on Twitter, including Firetide, BridgeWave, and OnSSI.”

Douglas Haider, Principal Technologist at Xirrus, is active on Twitter at:

He first wrote about Wireless Wednesday last winter in his column on the Computerworld blog. “As I noted then, wireless technology is both a job and a hobby for me,” Haider said. “Like any hobby, one aspect I really enjoy is reaching out to others with the same interests to share information, debate, and learn from each other. Participating in Wireless Wednesday is a great way to do just that.”

The wireless industry as a whole is welcoming the idea. "Wireless Wednesday offers everyone an opportunity to join the community, talk about issues, and exchange ideas on Twitter,” said Amy Storey, Director of External Communications for CTIA—The Wireless Association, who tweets at:

“We welcome and encourage anyone interested in wireless to join the dialogue. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or a novice to the industry, connecting with others with similar interests in wireless products and services and the positive impact our members have on people’s lives is a great way to be better informed and up to date with what’s happening in the mobile ecosystem."

Motorola, BearCom’s largest partner, also welcomes Wireless Wednesday. “This is cutting-edge marketing that we are excited to be a part of through BearCom,” said Mark Prioletti, Channel Marketing Manager at Motorola.

“BearCom is our largest and one of our most trusted partners. We understand that BearCom’s participation in Wireless Wednesday helps communicate important information about wireless technologies to the social media community, which will in turn expose Motorola products and solutions and the Motorola brand to a very large, influential audience.”

To participate in Wireless Wednesday, simply use the #WirelessWednesday hashtag on Twitter.


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