Capacitors: Cost to Purchase 2010

Thu, 08/05/2010 - 11:03am
A report, recently released by the Paumanok Publications Inc., entitled “Capacitors: Costs to Produce: 2010” (ISBN #1-893211-00-2) offers the reader a detailed analysis of the costs to produce capacitors by type, with emphasis upon ceramic, aluminum, tantalum and plastic film type dielectric capacitors. The study analyzes fixed and variable costs associated with the production of each different type of capacitor; including variable raw material charges, variable labor charges, variable overhead charges and fixed overhead and manufacturing costs. The study compares and contrasts each capacitor dielectric with respect to cost structure, and focuses on the unique cost relationship between variable raw material charges for each product line and their overall impact on cost of goods sold. The analysis also looks at the top 14 global manufacturers of capacitors and draws conclusions for the cost structures associated with their respective output of capacitors. The analysis also reveals best practices with respect to cost savings used by the top producers in Japan, USA, Europe, Korea and China-ISBN #1-893211-00-2, Published June 2010, 194 pages. Cost of the report is $2500 USD; additional copies $250 USD; Downloadable (PDF) Copy $2500 USD; Product Code: ISBN #1-893211-00-2 For additional information contact Paumanok Publications, Inc., (919) 468-0384,,



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