New NXP Chip Compatibility Puts GENTAG at Center of Next Generation of Cell Phones

Thu, 07/01/2010 - 9:01am
  WASHINGTON and HAARLEM, Netherlands, /PRNewswire/ -- GENTAG, Inc. has reported the successful testing of the new NXP cell phone RFID reader chip in combination with its proprietary disposable RFID sensor platform. This will open global consumer markets for disposable, wireless sensors using NFC-enabled cell phones.

"Cell phones that integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) technology with the newest RFID reader chip from NXP will also be able to read our disposable RFID sensors," reported Dr. John P. Peeters, the founder and CEO of GENTAG. "GENTAG and its partners have successfully resolved the complex technical issues of adapting a technology meant to read unique IDs to also be used for any sensor application, including analog sensors."

"We have already shown or are in the process of showing the technology applied to wireless thermometers, pedometers, medical-grade pressure sensors ("smart" skin patches) or applications such as digital sensors and blister packs. Our tests and technology platform show that any sensor or device, including passive (no battery) sensors can now be read by the next generation of RFID cell phones using our patented technology. This will create unlimited new opportunities for consumer sensor-application "bundles" with the next generation of cell phones."

"Integration of the new NXP chip with the major handset makers' cell phones will allow consumers to use their cell phones not only for NFC payments but also for areas such as healthcare, where we see major emerging global market opportunities for new painless, non-invasive wireless diagnostic sensors."

The new multi-protocol NXP reader chip (referred to as PN 544 C2) enables both NFC and ISO 15693 and operates at 13.56 MHz, a frequency that is accredited for medical use worldwide. The matching GENTAG wireless sensor technology is disposable, can provide secure communication, and piggybacks on a major international RFID ISO standard (ISO 15693), ensuring that each sensor or consumer application is unique. Market predictions are that one trillion RFID sensors will be produced.

Large OEM companies like Nokia have already announced that all their smart phones in 2011 will be NFC compatible.


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