Mobility Engineers are Big Users of Social Media, SAE International Survey Reveals

Fri, 07/16/2010 - 7:56am
WARRENDALE, Pa., /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Forget that old outdated pocket-protector and tape-on-the-horn rims image… turns out, engineers are downright hip when it comes to using social media.

According to a recent survey by SAE International of 1,153 mobility engineers, 61 percent use such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said they use these social media sites for work purposes.

"Mobility engineers have discovered that social media sites are great ways to exchange information on technical issues," said Bill Cariello, manager of web strategy for SAE International, who oversaw the survey. "If you work for a big company, you can probably walk down the hall and find the resources you need to solve an issue, but if you work for a small company, those resources might not be readily available. Social media sites give these employees access to a vast number of potential resources."

Cariello said survey results were broken down by age groups and location - North America and everything outside of North America. Half of the respondents were SAE International members and half were mobility engineers without an affiliation to SAE International.

Other major findings in the survey included:

52 percent of those surveyed are permitted to use social media at work.

55 percent of those surveyed said their employer maintains a corporate presence on social media sites.

The social media most used by mobility engineers for work purposes is LinkedIn with 84 percent. Facebook was second with 58 percent.

In North America, Facebook was the most popular social media site, used by 70 percent of respondents. LinkedIn was a close second with 67 percent.

Facebook was the overwhelming social media choice of mobility engineers age 35 and under with 77 percent usage. YouTube was second in the age group with 53 percent.

"The fact that over half of those surveyed are using social media at work, and well over half of employers are utilizing social media indicates that employers, too, see the advantage of these sites to their employees," Cariello said.

To access a whitepaper PDF of SAE International's social media survey results, visit


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