Integrated RF Capture/Playback Solution

Wed, 05/26/2010 - 8:05pm
X-COM Systems, LLC is now offering its integrated RF capture playback solution. Long duration RF storage and playback is proving to be an essential new tool for addressing today’s electronic warfare and surveillance challenges. It offers the ability to re-create complex signal environments, de-bug complex signal situations, and often reduces the overall cost of system test. The ability to quickly find marked data in large datasets for easy playback and re-analysis makes for a simple analogy to the television digital video recorder (DVR) capability. A recent agreement with precisionWave Corporation enables X-COM to offer the integrated playback capability using a precisionWave high performance vector signal generator (VSG). The X-COM IQC2110 enables users of digital Signal Analyzers to increase their signal storage to hours or days. This capability gives users an unprecedented ability to analyze complex, wideband, long duration and intermittent wave forms. The IQC2110 can continuously record and playback the full 16 bit I and Q data streams for signal bandwidths up to 150 MHz. Signals can be time stamped using an external IRIG B source and event markers can be either manually or externally generated. By adding an X-COM CPG (Continuous Playback Generator) with its integarted VSG, users can playback recorded signals with exceptional fidelity. Its I/Q modulation bandwidth ranges up to 150 MHz and is available with an AWG memory depth of 2 TB enabling uninterrupted continuous RF playback for the user of one hour or more. For offline analysis of collected data, X-COM offers signal analysis tools capable of handling the most complex signal processing tasks on large RF datasets. Spectro-X Advanced RF Signal Analysis software provides a high-resolution RF spectrogram, performs carrier searches, identifies signals based on known modulation forms and runs automatic correlations against catalogued files. The software enables users to view and analyze the behavior of recorded signals in a high-resolution format with advanced capabilities previously unavailable to signal analysts. To optimize large dataset analysis, X-COM also offers its high performance SigAnalyst workstation.



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