Coming Soon – Richardson’s State-of-the-Art Website

Thu, 06/18/2009 - 8:16am


At MTT-S this year Richardson Electronics, a global provider of engineered solutions and a leading distributor of electronic components, gave a sneak preview of the new which will be coming to a screen near you in July 2009. This very unique, comprehensive and well thought out website is a global community for RF, Microwave and Power Conversion engineers to find the latest parts for today’s applications quickly and easily. Whether you start at a high level and work your way down or dive right into the details, you’ll get to the information you need quicker and easier using the company’s Engineer-Focused Navigation™ system. This advanced system was designed by RF engineers for RF engineers. It offers four interconnected paths that allow you to find parts and information based on your specific area of interest: Products, Applications, Industries and Services. Prior to starting this redesign project, Richardson Electronics interviewed over 100 worldwide RF engineer customers to more fully understand engineer specific requirements for a website. After reviewing the response data, one of the most frequent requests from the RF engineering community was for local design support. Since the company currently has over 183 RF design engineers located throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, this feature was already in place. The company is capable of providing local design support and follow-up on a global basis. In addition, a comprehensive Design Resource Center is available offering a variety of design tools including: Application design assistance, block diagrams, design kits, Spice models, reference designs, plus more. The new site will also include a Technical Library with application notes, case studies, tutorials, white papers, etc.



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