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Mon, 06/06/2005 - 12:02pm


Flomerics introduces a step-by-step guide that integrates thermal and EMC design to help designers identify and resolve system-level electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. This online guide recognizes that most new electronic products fail first-time EMC testing because manufacturers don’t usually evaluate system-level EMC performance prior to the prototype phase. The first step in the step-by-step process follows the development of a thermal budget. The next stage of thermal management typically involves refining the simulation model. At the next stage, engineers make adjustments to optimize the design from a thermal standpoint and, at the same time, determine the effect of design changes on EMC. Combining thermal and system-level EMC design within an integrated analysis environment streamlines design collaboration between mechanical and EMC engineers enabling early identification and remedy of system-level EMC compliance issues and reducing the risk of late-cycle compliance failure. FLomerics Inc.

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