Motorola Wants You to Get a Neck Tattoo

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 9:23am
Melissa Fassbender, Associate Editor

Motorola has applied for a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that would be inked onto a person’s throat. Apart from its obvious aesthetic pleasure, the tattoo would include an embedded microphone, transceiver, and power supply, to enable wireless communication with a mobile communication device.

According to the patent, titled “Coupling an Electronic Skin Tattoo to a Mobile Communication Device,” the electronic skin tattoo “is capable of receiving an initialization signal at the controller and from the MCD [mobile communication device] to initiate reception of an audio stream picked up from the throat region of the body for subsequent audio detection by the MCD under an improved signal-to-noise ratio than without employing the electronic skin tattoo.” An example illustration of the adherence of the electronic skin tattoo to a throat region of a body.

In short, the tattoo would improve communication in noisy environments, like bars or concerts. The technology could also be applied to tablets and gaming devices, and even animals could get the high tech tattoo.

The patent spans more than 3,000 words describing future technology and potential applications. To read the entire patent, visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, United States Patent Application 20130297301.

What do you think of this high-tech neck tattoo? Would you get one? Email me at, or leave your comments below.


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