An Intern's Final Words

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 10:01am
Sara M. Cohen, Editorial Intern

It is the summer before I enter my senior year at Rutgers University, and bittersweet tastes have entered my mouth regarding graduation, and all the work to follow. The excitement of warm weather and time off was quickly shadowed by the search for a worthwhile internship. As college students, we have been bombarded with economic premonitions of unemployment upon graduation. And for those of us studying within the Humanities field, we expect that our hopelessness has been foretold.

For the past eight weeks, I have spent my time as an Editorial Intern for Wireless Design and Development Magazine at Advantage Business Media (ABM). My worry that a love of words meant starvation was quickly extinguished when I entered the massive seven-floor glass building and pressed button number six in the elevator. Each person I encountered while walking the hallways greeted me with a smile, and help was always offered and available.

Advantage Business Media is a large company, providing life science, design engineering, manufacturing, and communications publications to business-to-business professionals. As an Editorial Intern, I was given the opportunity to aid in the online and printed publication of Wireless Design and Development magazine. I really enjoyed learning how a magazine is set for publication – especially all the work that goes into the online process, which is so important today. During my eight-week stay, I learned how to edit and post news articles, guest blogs and product releases to the magazine’s website. I had never used Drupal before, and what seemed to be a daunting process full of .html coding, became an exciting track from paper to online print – thanks to instruction from Janine Mooney, Editor of WDD. I would love to continue a career in publishing, and I am grateful to have learned this important publication medium at ABM. Ms. Mooney also taught me how to place product and blog features for the printed version of Wireless Design and Development Magazine. I had some experience with Adobe InDesign while working on a literary/art magazine in High School, but I was rusty to say the least. At ABM I learned how to use InDesign to the best of my abilities, and it will be wonderful to see pages in the printed version of the magazine that I helped place.

The best opportunity available as an intern with Advantage Business Media is the opportunity to write. As an intern here, my experience was truly established based on the work I was willing to put into it. Ms. Mooney allowed me to research topics of my interest, and write blogs based on that research. I particularly enjoyed researching and writing on topics regarding Wireless Design and Development, such as “It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a Volkswagen,” written about ‘The People’s Project’ Hover Car concept, and “3 Eco Friendly Concepts Created to Change Daily Life,” about new gadget concepts for everyday use. One of my blogs will be featured in the printed version of WDD, attesting to how much this internship has helped me grow as a writer.

It is not only exciting to see my own work published, but it is a great way to show my work to future interested employers. I knew little about the wireless world before beginning my internship with Wireless Design and Development, and in the short time that I have spent here, I have learned a lot of valuable information about today’s leading resources in cutting-edge technology. The experience with Drupal and InDesign are large check-marks I can place on my resume, and I can enter future positions with important knowledge about publishing. Also, the experience with writing articles has helped me hone in on a more professional style of writing. I will bring the writing and editing skills that I have learned here to all future professional endeavors.


July 24, 2012


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