What Do Kiwi Fruit and Color Printers Have in Common?

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 5:45am

Chris Brown is engineering manager at Mutoh, Inc. a leading manufacturer of large format inkjet printers. Mutoh originally selected the TSL1401CS Linear Array from TAOS for design-in in their spectrophotometer which connects directly to the print head of their printers. Used to automate color calibration and verification, the spectrophotometer provides time and cost savings and proved to be a necessary peripheral in the printer industry. Being a leader in technology, Mutoh was approached by several customers that had requests to measure color for other applications, such as testing the ripeness of kiwi fruit and liquid analysis. This video datasheet explains how the versatility of the TSL1401CS Linear Array from TAOS enables other technology customers to produce cutting edge applications. 

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