The Year That Was

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 7:55am
Alix Paultre

This year was an important one for WDD, with new roles and new people in our staff, changes in our editorial, and disruption in the marketplace. As we enter the New Year we look at it with great promise for both us as a publication and you as our audience. We will not only continue to serve you and our industry, we will do it in interesting and informative ways to keep you on top of wireless technology and the devices involved.


As far as staffing goes, Nancy Maas, our old Editor-in-Chief has gone into semi-retirement. She is now our senior features editor, a role that will allow her to continue to use her industry knowledge and expertise to create and provide interesting and compelling content. As the editorial director of the group of magazines that WDD is a part of, I have taken a direct role in the publication for the foreseeable future as its new Editor-in-Chief to help it continue its transition and transformation into a publication that serves today's wireless community both in print and online with the latest news, articles, podcasts, and video. We also added a new staffer, Editor Janine Mooney, to expand our journalistic reach and provide more community-oriented news such as blogs, videos, and podcasts from the audience and industry.

Editorially, we will continue the expansion of our voice and footprint into a more web-oriented presentation of news and multimedia while still keeping the print relevant by providing browsing aids like smartphone QR codes and deep text links to guide you to things like expanded web content and multimedia and podcasts to watch and listen to on the fly. In addition WDD will continue to expand its coverage of advanced consumer wireless technologies like low-power near-field communications, personal area networks, and related application spaces to keep you up to date in the latest technologies and devices in this challenging and rapidly growing space.

As a market, we are being faced by many issues, from reallocation of spectrum to the explosion of wireless in ubiquitous computing, cloud, and white goods for applications and markets from the Smart Grid to the Smart Automobile to the Smart House. Many application spaces and the products that serve them barely had electricity a couple of decades ago are now hotbeds of embedded systems development, often requiring wireless for functionalities from app-based cloud-supported user features to back-door OEM “internet of things” system upkeep and management. The changing environment calls for an expanded view on where wireless systems are going beyond telecom and what it will take the wireless design community to get there, and we here at WDD will continue to bring you the latest information to help you navigate through it all.


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