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MOSFET Product Family

October 30, 2001 8:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a new family of 500 V, fast-recovery MOSFETs designed to provide significant performance enhancements over conventional MOSFETs in telecom and server power system designs. Compared to conventional MOSFETs, the new FRFET™ family demonstrates more than 50% improvement in diode reverse recovery characteristics (Q rr , t rr ) and increased turn-off dv/dt immunity....

PLL Module for MMDS

October 30, 2001 8:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Z-Communications announced a new phase-locked loop (PLL) module designed for the MMDS network market. The PLL2716A is designed to cover 2715 to 2717 MHz with a 1 MHz step size while delivering good phase noise performance. This PLL offers a clean spectral signal of -100 dBc at a 10 kHz offset and -123 dBc at a 100 kHz offset or, equivalently, a RMS phase error of 1....

Contact Design Reduces Insertion Force for High Amperage Contacts

October 30, 2001 8:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

A new series of high amperage, low insertion force contacts has been introduced by Amphenol Industrial Operations. The RADSOK® contacts — now available on a number of Amphenol's existing high power, environmental and high performance connector product lines — are ideal for applications requiring repeated mating cycles and high current with a low milli-volt drop....


VCXOs for Telecom Applications

October 30, 2001 8:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

A new line of VCXO oscillators offering a good cost to performance ratio has been introduced by Fox Electronics. The new VCXO-C4 features an inexpensive metal DIP package and is ideal for telecommunications, telephony, and datacom applications such as set top boxes. The cost/performance ration of the new VCXO-C4 also makes it ideal for use as a general purpose oscillator in a wide range of other applications requiring an inexpensive, tigh...

Antenna Catalogs

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Radio Waves, a Smiths Group company, announced the availability of four updated catalogs covering hub and subscriber antenna applications for the MMDS band (2.4 - 2.7 GHz), ISM band (2.4 and 5.8 GHz), 3.5 GHz band, and UNII band (5.25 - 5.85 GHz). The catalogs cover the wide range of antennas offered by Radio Waves, with typical antenna patterns, wind-load information and physical and electrical specifications....

Handbook for Data Acquisition and Control

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Keithley has announced the availability of its new Data Acquisition and Control Handbook. The Data Acquisition and Control Handbook is a reference for engineers, scientists, educators, and industrial users involved with building, integrating, and programming PC-based test systems, boards, and stand alone instruments....

Quartz Crystal Units

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Commutek recently published a guide which details its quartz crystals product offerings. Four pages describing Commutek's crystal characteristic — including details of environmental and mechanical test specifications — open the guide. It also details the company's product offerings. These include monolithic crystal filters, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, crystal oscillators, and tuning forks....

Plastic Electronic Enclosures

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Volume 40 of Polycase's product catalog is now available. The full color, 32-page catalog contains detailed description of each of the company's plastic enclosure product offerings. Each product description contains photos, schematic drawings, specifications, and a list of available options. Details of Polycase's customization process are also provided....


Magnetic Surface Mount Devices

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Newly published by Frontier Electronics is an 84-page catalog of magnetic surface mount devices. Covered in the new catalog are air wound coils, multi-layer ferrite chip beads, multi-layer chip inductors, ceramic wire-wound chip inductors, molded ferrite wire wound chip inductors, power chokes, and surface mount transformer/inductors....

Linear Power Amplifier Catalog

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments


Updated Master Sourcebook

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

Jensen Tools has just released their all-new Master Sourcebook for Fall 2001, This 300-page, full color catalog contains thousands of products from leading manufacturers, including more than 400 new items. The new Master Sourcebook features an extensive selection of tool kits, carts and cases, test equipment, hand and power tools, telecom products, wire and cable, computer and LAN products, soldering/desoldering equipment, lighting and op...

Modular Light Source Selector Guide

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

This Selector Guide describes a new line of flood and focused beam light sources designed to provide easy, cost effective polymerization of light curing adhesives and coatings in a variety of process settings. The light sources shown are available as modules including reflectors, power supplies, shields and stands, shutters, and other related accessories....

Power Conversion Product Catalog

October 30, 2001 7:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

A new 80-page product handbook is now available free from MicroPower Direct. The catalog provides in-depth technical information on MicroPower's full line of low cost power conversion products. Complete electrical and mechanical specifications are provided on more than 500 standard "off-the-shelf" models....

Bluetooth Developers Conference

October 24, 2001 11:35 am | Product Releases | Comments

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA Toll Free in U.S. 1-866-433-2877 Outside U.S. 781-433-2877 FAX: 781-449-2674 www.key3media....

Circuit and Filter Network

October 22, 2001 4:41 am | Product Releases | Comments

The 1008 L/C circuit and 1812 Filter Network are passively integrated surface mount modules. These modules are designed to be precision tuned resonant circuits and 3 stage lowpass and highpass filters. The Tunable 1008 and 1812 Varactor + L/C surface mount modules are voltage dependant resonant circuit networks....


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