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Processing Board

June 30, 2005 8:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

Pentek customers can now boost signal bandwidth with the model 6826 VME A/D converter board. The Model 6826 features single- or dual-channel data acquisition at 2 GHz samples/second with 10-bit resolution using the Atmel AT84AS008 A/D device. The board’s ability to accept either single-ended or differential inputs preserves signal integrity across a variety of analog signal sources....


June 30, 2005 8:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

The 128x64 COG version offers a construction that is 6 mm thick, including an LED backlight The design includes an FPC interface for easy mating with standard ZIF-type connectors. The removing of metallic bezels and bulky PCB results in weight reduction for portable devices. The display features contrast ratios of 9:1 and extended temperature ranges from – 20° C to +70° C....

Wireless I/O System

June 30, 2005 8:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

Phoenix Contact offers the RAD-ISM-900-XD-BUS, a bi-directional multipoint-to-point wireless I/O system. The design allows user flexibility in bringing multiple channels of I/O from up to eight remote locations back to one master station. The bi-directional feature enables the use of these devices in monitoring and control applications and eliminates cable and conduit for analog and digital signals in harsh industrial environments....


DSP Module Software

June 30, 2005 8:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

National Instruments announced the NI LabVIEW DSP Module, which includes tools for designing, implementing and analyzing DSP-based algorithms and systems. The LabVIEW DSP Module extends the LabVIEW graphical development environment to embedded signal processing applications and offers engineering students an easy-to-use, hands-on approach to learning key signal processing techniques....

Improving Wireless Voice Quality with ADM Part I

June 30, 2005 8:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

While ADM is a mature modulation technique and has been around for a while, pressure on cost and times to market breathes new life into this modulation scheme. By Ron Hunter Glossary of acronyms 3B4B — an encoding scheme that translates 3-bit bytes into 4-bit coded words using running disparity....

ATCA Power Design

June 30, 2005 8:25 am | Product Releases | Comments

ATCA power systems offer a number of advantages over traditional – 48 V power rails. Among them are higher reliability, open specifications and individual circuit packs. Since the completion of the PICMG® 3.0 specification two years ago, the ATCA systems built on this specification have seen a rapid adoption by OEMs, TEMs and carriers....

Mobile IP - The New Wave in Networking Cabaility

June 26, 2005 6:47 am | by G. Hudson Gilmer, Avici Systems | Product Releases | Comments

Mobile IP is set to be one of the great enablers of the 21st century. This ubiquitous deployment of Mobile IP means today's designers and engineers must be up to speed on its basics.|By Urban Lindegren Glossary of acronyms aFA — anchor Foreign Agent ATM — Asynchronous Transfer Mode BET — Bi-directional Edge Tunnel DHCP — Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ...

An Innovative Approach to Faster RFIC Transmitter Design

June 26, 2005 6:26 am | Product Releases | Comments

Transmitter designs continue to evolve at a blazing pace, in both complexity and integration. In today's competitive wireless environment, accurate and efficient transmitter design isn't an option — it's a must. By Andy Howard Glossary of acronyms 802.11 — IEEE specifications for wireless LAN technology that apply to an over-the-air interface between a wireless client and a basestation or between two ...


Evolution of True Software Defined Radio

June 26, 2005 6:18 am | Product Releases | Comments

SDR provides a qualitative leap in frequency agility and protocol standard independence, and solves the problem of system incompatibility in a highly fragmented communication environment.|By Ron Hickling, Oleg Panfilov, Tony Turgeon, and Michael Yagi Cognitive radio systems in general, and TSR products in particular, soon may revolutionize telecommunications....

Protecting Your Personal Space

June 8, 2005 8:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Every now and then (actually, more now than then in today’s high tech world) someone comes up with an idea, concept or device that is just what the doctor ordered. What I’m going to talk about in this column is one of those ideas/concepts/devices whose time has certainly come....

Short-form Catalog and CD

June 6, 2005 12:02 pm | News | Comments

Aeroflex introduces a short-form catalog and CD. The CD has interactive links for quick and easy access to all of Aeroflex Test Solutions’ product data sheets. The range of products includes solutions for communications test, cellular parametric test, protocol and conformance test, military and avionics test, RF signal generators, PXI modules for RF test, microwave, spectrum and signal analyzers, synthetic test systems, phase noise test systems and more.


Electronic Components Catalog

June 6, 2005 12:02 pm | News | Comments

Mouser’s catalog features 1,484 pages of the latest products and technologies from its 300+ premier electronic component suppliers. Mouser Electronics publishes a new catalog every 90 days. This latest catalog contains 82 pages of new product information. The catalog contains more than 111,000 parts and is designed to work in concert with Mouser’s online catalog, which contains over 450,000 products, more than 275,000 data sheets and in excess of 1.


RF and Microwave Components Catalog

June 6, 2005 12:02 pm | News | Comments

This catalog outlines Aeroflex/Weinschel's range of RF, wireless and microwave components and subsystems that operate over the DC to 50 GHz frequency range. Product lines include programmable step attenuators including PIN, FET, relay and edge-line technologies, resistive power splitters, dividers, mechanical phase shifters, high power products (up to 1000 W) and low passive IM fixed attenuators, coaxial terminations, continuously variable and manual step attenuators, planar blind-mate and planar crown connector systems and custom and RF simulation subsystems.

RFIC/MMIC Designer’s Catalog

June 6, 2005 12:02 pm | News | Comments

Hittite’s 10th edition Designer’s Guide catalog for 2005 details over 330 products. This publication includes 80 new RFIC and MMIC product data sheets, as well as quality/reliability, application and packaging/layout information in over 2300 pages. Design engineers will find that the guide is organized into SMT packaged, connectorized module and chip component sections.

Solutions Catalog

June 6, 2005 12:02 pm | News | Comments

Dow-Key Microwave’s 100-page catalog "Dow-Key Microwave, The Solutions Company" offers a panoramic view of the company’s products and contains a pull-out, four-color brochure on Dow-Key’s switch matrix solutions. The brochure offers descriptions of a new generation of standard coaxial switch matrices for broadband DC to 18 GHz solutions as well as custom matrices and multifunction assemblies.


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