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IT Departments Get Some Relief with Automatic Password Reset

April 3, 2008 10:21 am | Product Releases | Comments

Nuance Communications, Inc., a provider of speech solutions, has released its Automatic Password Reset module, to reduce the burden of simple tasks on IT help desks and increase employee productivity across the enterprise. Today, password changes within an organization account for the majority of calls into a help desk, costing approximately $10 to $20 per call on average, according to analyst firm Gartner....

Snap Action Switch Targets Multiple Applications

April 3, 2008 6:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

C&K Components announces the ZMS Series single pole, double throw compact sealed snap action switch featuring a variety of actuators and terminal styles including PC, solder, potted leads, and positive and reliable snap action mechanism. The switch is designed for use in applications and environments, such as communication devices, testing equipment, and motor controls....

Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Designed for Durability and Low Dielectric Loss

April 3, 2008 6:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Suited for telecom and microwave projects requiring miniature components, the SGC3S series ceramic trimmer capacitors measure 0.126 (3.2 mm) × 0.177 (4.50 mm) × 0.059 (1.5 mm). The capacitors are constructed with high temperature liquid-crystal polymer housings to resist penetration by dust and flux, and are colored to make each of the five available capacitance ranges easily identifiable....


Receiver’s Multi-Band Flexibility Increase Efficiency for Wireless Service Providers

April 3, 2008 6:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Agilent Technology Inc. announces the W1314A-E02-E07 receivers designed to simultaneously measure all wireless technologies in all RF bands in a given market using a single unit, enabling network equipment manufacturers and wireless operators' RF engineering teams to effectively deploy, optimize and troubleshoot all technologies in their own networks by quickly identifying coverage and interference problems....

TCXOs Exhibit Tight Frequency Stability

April 3, 2008 6:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Targeting GPS, PND, and cellular phone handset applications, NDK’s NT2520SA series SMD TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) exhibits very tight frequency stability of ۪.5 ppm over the broad operating temperature range of 㪶 to +85°C. Available in frequencies ranging from 13 to 38....

Isolated 2W Single Output DC/DC Converter Increases Efficiency and Load Regulation

April 1, 2008 7:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

The NMK isolated 2W single output DC/DC converter provides a small footprint, pin compatible, industry standard SIP package that allows easy drop-in replacement of other devices. Offering designers a choice of 5 and 12 V inputs and 5-, 9-, 12- or 15 V outputs, the converter has an efficiency of 89% typical (at 15 V output) and an output voltage set point accuracy of 7%, and 2....

Demo Board Simplifies Implementation of Capacitive Touch-Sensing Interfaces

April 1, 2008 7:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Microchip Technology Inc.'s PICDEM Touch Sense 1 DM164125 demo board is designed for capacitive touch-sensing applications. It comes with a PICkit™ serial analyzer and the royalty-free mTouch™ sensing solution SDK to provide a complete platform for implementing capacitive touch-sensing interfaces using integrated, 8-bit Flash PIC microcontrollers....

2.3 A Devices Help Protect Automotive Infotainment Peripherals

April 1, 2008 7:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Tyco Electronics' 2.3 A PolyZen devices feature a higher hold current designed to help protect circuits in GPS, smart phones, game consoles, PMPs, and other video-based peripherals that can be charged in the car. The devices incorporate a stable Zener diode for precise voltage clamping and a resistively non-linear, PPTC layer that responds to either diode heating or overcurrent events by transitioning from a low to high resistance state....


GPS Module for Use in Synchronization and Timing Applications

April 1, 2008 7:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Connor-Winfield’s TiMax TI125 is a small OEM surface- mount GPS module that has been specifically designed for use in synchronization and timing applications. The TI125 has an on-board programmable NCO oscillator that outputs a synthesized frequency up to 30 MHz that is steered by the GPS receiver....

Driver and Power Amplifier Pair Offers Linear Performance

April 1, 2008 7:23 am | Product Releases | Comments

Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduces a highly linear driver and power amplifier pair covering 12 GHz to 16 GHz offered in RoHs compliant, 3 mm × 3 mm and 4 mm × 4 mm QFN plastic packaging. The XP1042-QT driver amplifier provides +38 dBm OIP3, +25 dBm P1dB and 21 dB gain, while the XP1043-QH amplifier achieves +41 dBm OIp3, +32 dBm Psat and 20 dB gain....

Video Surveillance: A Market Poised for $46 Billion of Explosive Growth

March 27, 2008 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

ABI Research believes that the video surveillance market is poised for explosive growth, which the firm forecasts to expand from revenue of about $13.5 billion in 2006 to a remarkable $46 billion in 2013. Those figures include cameras, computers and storage, professional services, and hardware infrastructure — everything that goes into an end-to-end security system....

ON Semiconductor Corporation Completes Merger of AMIS Holdings, Inc.

March 27, 2008 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

ON Semiconductor Corporation announced that it has completed its acquisition of AMIS Holdings, Inc. in a stock-for-stock merger. Under the terms of the merger agreement, holders of AMIS will generally receive 1.15 shares of ON Semiconductor common stock for each share of AMIS common stock they own as of the close of business today....

Music Phones - The Dominant Portable Music Device

March 27, 2008 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

MultiMedia Intelligence ( reports the worldwide unit shipments of music phones exceeded billion units in 2007, outnumbering shipments of personal media players like the iPod by almost 300 million units. In 2011, over half of all mobile phones can be considered music phones with 941 million units shipped....

Spybusters, LLC Selects Tektronix to Aid in Fight Against Corporate Espionage

March 27, 2008 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

Tektronix Inc. announces that Murray Associates, registered as Spybusters, LLC has selected a Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) with DPX™ live RF display technology to help the security consultancy identify wireless eavesdropping devices that may be located in clients’ facilities including boardrooms and security trading floors....

WiFi Phones up 60%, Wireless LAN Equipment up 20% in 2007

March 27, 2008 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

Worldwide sales of wireless LAN equipment, including independent and dependent access points and WLAN switches and controllers, hit $1.9 billion in 2007, up 20% from 2006, driven by the increased rollout of enterprise wireless LANs and accelerating upgrading to 802.11n, according to Infonetics Research's latest Wireless LAN Equipment and Phones quarterly report....


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