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Wireless Minute: IoT Goes to the Dogs

April 28, 2015 | by Alex Shanahan, David Mantey | Videos | Comments

Dogtelligent's Connected Collar will train, track and manage your dog's health, activity, and safety. The Connected Collar syncs with an app to track your dog’s location. It also tracks your dog’s activities throughout the day and can serve as a hub for information for your ... 

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Photo of the Day: Deep Space Atomic Clock

April 28, 2015 11:13 am | by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | News | Comments

As the saying goes, timing is everything. More so in 21st-century space exploration where navigating spacecraft precisely to far-flung destinations -- say, to Mars or even more distant Europa, a moon of Jupiter -- is critical. NASA is making great strides to develop the ...


Embracing the 5G Era

April 28, 2015 10:06 am | by Science China Press | News | Comments

To meet the demands of 2020, the 5G research has attracted global attention and made remarkable progress. 5G will be the first meaningful unified wideband mobile communication system. A recent research has systematically overviewed the latest progress on the 5G ... 


Motion-Sensing Gloves Teach Proper Technique to Wheelchair Users

April 27, 2015 4:12 pm | by University of Illinois | News | Comments

Cubitus is a student team working on making life easier on wheelchair users. They want to monitor wheelchair user’s performance, detect flaws, and educate them about proper wheelchair form. The device will inform users early on about how to adjust their form before it becomes an injury that needs physical ... 


Wireless Minute: NailO Turns Your Fingernail Into a Tiny Trackpad

April 27, 2015 12:36 pm | by Jon Dipierro, Janine Mooney | Videos | Comments

Whenever I'm cooking, it's always difficult to actually prepare the meal, hold seven hundred things in your hand, and then flip the page on the recipe book to see what the next step is. The NailO wants to help. A team at the MIT Media Lab is developing a thumbnail-mounted ... 


Warning Signals Alert Filipinos of Oncoming Tsunamis

April 27, 2015 11:56 am | by E2S | News | Comments

The 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami killed 230,000 people in 14 countries, and swamped coastal communities with waves up to 100 feet (30 meters) high. Following this tragic event, the UN set up the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System, and although not ... 


IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2015 Preview

April 27, 2015 11:34 am | by WDD Staff | Blogs | Comments

Industry experts answer the question at hand: As the 2015 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) approaches, what exciting products or technologies do you see on the horizon?


Brainstorm: GaN Amplifiers

April 27, 2015 11:25 am | by WDD Staff | Articles | Comments

Industry experts answer the question at hand: How does the advancement of GaN solid state power amplifier (SSPA) technology affect the future of traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) development?


Testing Challenges for M2M Devices

April 27, 2015 10:59 am | by AK Emarievbe, Product Manager - Mobile Radio Communication Testers, Rohde & Schwarz | Articles | Comments

Attending this year’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain, it was apparent that the trend of the day was Machine to Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things (IoT). The reality of a more connected world is finally here with products like smart meters which use wireless ... 


3500 MHz VCO Boasts a Control Voltage Range of 0.3 V~4.9 V

April 27, 2015 10:22 am | by Crystek Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

Crystek's CVCO55CCQ-3500-3500 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) operates at 3500 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.3 V~4.9 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -115 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset and has excellent linearity. Output power is typically +6 dBm. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the model CVCO55CCQ-3500-3500 is packaged in the ... 

Digital In-Line Holography Helps Researchers 'See’ into Fiery Fuels

April 27, 2015 8:18 am | by Sandia National Laboratories | News | Comments

Transportation accidents, such as trucks crashing on a highway or rockets failing on a launch pad, can create catastrophic fires. It’s important to understand how burning droplets of fuel are generated and behave in those extreme cases, so Sandia National Laboratories researchers have ...


USB-Powered Digital Pressure Transducers

April 27, 2015 12:05 am | by GP:50 NY Ltd | Product Releases | Comments

GP:50 NY LTD has announced the global market introduction of its Model 611/612 Series. The GP:50 Model 611/612 Series is a family of USB-powered digital pressure transducers with automatic temperature and pressure output recognition. The Series offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface with direct compatibility to high-speed USB 1.0 and 2.0 formats, along ... 

5 Reasons Why EMC Testing Should Start Early

April 24, 2015 4:09 pm | by Dunstan Power, ByteSnap Design | Blogs | Comments

You have built a great product that meets market demands. You are confident that it radiates little energy and is not susceptible to outside interference, yet when you reach final EMC testing stage, your product fails. This is the nightmare scenario for most of us product ... 


Magnifying Vibrations in Bridges and Buildings

April 24, 2015 11:29 am | by Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office | News | Comments

To the naked eye, buildings and bridges appear fixed in place, unmoved by forces like wind and rain. But in fact, these large structures do experience imperceptibly small vibrations that, depending on their frequency, may indicate instability or structural damage. MIT researchers have now ... 


4-D Printing is Taking 3-D Printing to an Entirely New Level

April 24, 2015 11:00 am | by ARC Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science | News | Comments

4D printing is unfolding as technology that takes 3D printing to an entirely new level. The fourth dimension is time, shape shifting in fact, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) at the University of Wollongong is helping to set the pace ... 


API Technologies to Acquire Cobham Inmet and Cobham Weinschel

April 24, 2015 10:44 am | by WDD Staff | News | Comments

API Technologies Corp. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of Cobham plc, to acquire Aeroflex/Inmet, Inc. and Aeroflex/Weinschel, Inc. Inmet and Weinschel have each been in business for more than 50 years, and each ... 



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